Central Controlling Officer

Arrius is a Social Activist based out of Tacoma Washington, Before he started Beauty & Destruction he worked in the automotive industry & finance during his adult life.
Arrius operates Beauty & Destruction & his food business AMIW BIGWIENER with his partner & wife Chelsea.
Arrius believes in quality over everything & this is why he personally inspects every order before shipping to make sure AMIW standards are met. 
Our clients are everything to us & providing a superior product with superior customer service & a superior value is the only way at AMIW!


Central Operating Officer 

Chelsea is the backbone behind AMIW!! 
Chelsea served her country for 6 years as as a lead chef on a ARMY vessel before starting beauty & Destruction with her husband & partner Arrius.
Chelsea makes sure that each product sent out passes a rigorous quality inspection, perfection is the only reality at Beauty & Destruction!