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Cast from the chains of Mount Olympus & taylored with a skincare medley specifically made for you, 'Moonphase' will turn your bath into a glorious gray with hints of yellow & a lovely shimmer.

Fill your room with a beautiful aroma of Spearmint, Tea Tree, Frakensense & Myrr

Prepare for moon landing my loves


Beauty & Destruction Is Our Truth..

Enjoy Moonphase with 2 other mystery giant handcrafted bath bombs in a Diamond Bag to complete your your happines!


    • These are not your normal Bath Bombs, Our products are designed to not only be works of art but also to make your skin feel brand new & beautiful! 

    • All of our Bombs contain Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil for your skins beauty & health, Rosewater & Witch Hazel for beautiful moisture, Kaolin clay to remove any unwanted toxins, Dead Sea & Epsom salt to relax your body, SLSA for huge foamy soapy lathers!!

    • We only use premium grade mica for our colors & therapeutic essential & fragrance oils for our smells! 

    • Our bombs will not stain your tub!!

    • We Strive For Perfection, Excellence is Not Enough! 





    #ArriusMakesItWork 🌎


    We will exchange or refund your product if you are ever dissastified my loves, At AMIW we strive for perfection not excellence. 


    Free shippping on orders 39.99 or more!!!

    Shipping usually ships at the speed of light & takes 1 day once order is placed!! 

Diamond Bag: Enjoy this giant Bath Bomb + 2 other mystery bombs