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Poseidon has charged Beauty & Destruction with the task of producing a tropical bomb of excitement.

Fill your bath with the sweet aromas of Mango, Pineapple & Apple while your skin renews itself in all of the essential oils & glow you need to be the king or queen you are. 🖤

Our giant bombs contain just under a pound of pure excellence.. 🌗

'Seduction' will turn your bath water into a beautiful turquoise, this paired with our skin care formua will take you to the next realm my loves..

All purchases inlude a Diamond Bag of 3 of the finest crystal infused mystery bombs.


    • These are not your normal Bath Bombs, Our products are designed to not only be works of art but also to make your skin feel brand new & beautiful! 

    • All of our Bombs contain Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil for your skins beauty & health, Rosewater & Witch Hazel for beautiful moisture, Kaolin clay to remove any unwanted toxins, Dead Sea & Epsom salt to relax your body, SLSA for huge foamy soapy lathers!!

    • We only use premium grade mica for our colors & therapeutic essential & fragrance oils for our smells! 

    • Our bombs will not stain your tub!!

    • We Strive For Perfection, Excellence is Not Enough! 





    #ArriusMakesItWork 🌎


    We will exchange or refund your product if you are ever dissastified my loves, At AMIW we strive for perfection not excellence. 


    Shipping usually ships at the speed of light & takes 1 day once order is placed!! 

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