My bath bombs are cast from Mount Olympus itself. 

Embrace perfection as your skin turns to silk with just one of my luxurious bath bombs. 💛

I handcraft each bomb with a special blend of skin oils, clays, butters, oatmeal, epsom salts, sugars, melatonin, skin vitamins & nutrients, vitamin e, vitamin b, dead sea salts, ginkgo biloba intoxicating essential oils & the most vibrant colors that will not stain your tub. 

My bombs are also the largest on the market at almost 1 pound in weight & absolutely one of a kind you will never find another like it. 💟

Soak for one hour to completely revitalize your skin & do away with any toxins clogging pores or causing breakouts. 💋

These bombs are specifically formulated to enhance sexual libido, feminine lubrication, melt your stress away, massage your muscles & send you on a emotional rollercoaster of bliss. 💄


Beauty is Destruction.